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Dec. 31, 2005
Cast Iron Toys

16" Cast Iron Hubley Fire Chief Wagon
19" Cast Iron Wilkins Horse Drawn Flying Artillery
Cast Iron Wilkins 3 PC Train (26" Total Length)
21" Cast Iron Arcade 1930 Mack Fire Ladder Truck
15" Cast Iron Kenton Dump Truck With Driver
9" Cast Iron Kenton 1923 Dodge Opera Coupe
11" Cast Iron I.H. "Red Baby" Truck
10" Cast Iron Hubley Pony Gig
9" Cast Iron Arcade Yellow Cab With Driver
10" Cast Iron Shimer Road Cart
8" Cast Iron Wilkins Early Automobile With Driver
14" Cast Iron Shimer "Jupiter" Stove
8" Tin Strauss 1927 Yellow Taxi
11" Tin Strauss Double Decker Bus
15" Cast Iron Wilkins One Horse Phaeton
21" Cast Iron Hubley 3 Horse Steam Fire Pumper
10" Cast Iron Arcade I.H. 1941 Stake Truck-Yellow
6" Cast Iron Arcade 3-Window Rumble Seat Coupe With Rubber Tires
10" Cast Iron Kenton Double Decker Bus With Rubber Tires, Driver and Passengers
10" Cast Iron Kenton Jaeger Concrete Mixer
Cast Iron Wagner 4 PC Salesmans Sample Cookware Griddle, Fry Pan, 3-Leg Pot and Tea Kettle
11" Cast Iron Hubley 1-Horse Ice Wagon
17" Cast Iron Kenton 3-Horse "Transfer" Wagon
8" Tin Marx Amos N' Andy Fresh Air Taxi
11" Cast Iron Arcade Mack Milk Truck-Green
13" Cast Iron Arcade 1941 Fire Truck
10" Kenton "Fire Patrol" Truck
Cat Doorstop Bank, Unknown Manufacturer
"I Always Did 'Spise A Mule" Mechanical Bank, No Repairs, J&E Stevens Co., 1897
Joe Socko Mechanical Bank, Straits Corp U.S.A. Detroit, MI
Cortland Express Hauling Truck, Good Original Condition
Cortland Ice Cream Truck, All Original
Kiddy Cyclist, Early Version, Unique Art Toy
Kenton Fire Pumper, 12 1/2 ", Original Condition, Removable Man
Decker's Iowana Pig Bank, Good Original Condition
Dog Finial Bank "Home Savings Bank", J.E. Stevens Co., 1891, Excellent Original Condition
Kilgore Artic Ice Cream Truck, 8"
Jonah and Whale Mechanical Bank, Original, No Repairs, Shepard Hardware Co., 1890's
Scotchman Tin Mechanical Bank, English Bank, Version Without "Verse", Original Condition
"Volunteer" Mechanical Bank, John Harper & Co., 1880's, All Original, No Repairs
Walking Peacock, German Wind-up, 1920's
Presto Mechanical Bank, Kiser and Rex, 1894, All Original
Radio Bank (3 Dial Version), Kenton Mfctr. Co., 1927-1932, Very Good Paint, Original Condition
Cast Iron Scale, Maker Unknown, 1920's
Kenton Sulkey, Early 1900's
Trick Pony Mechanical Bank Original, No Repairs, Shepard Hardware Co., 1880
Hanging U.S. Mail Bank, A. C. Williams Co., 1921-1924